4th of July Collection

Come celebrate Independence Day with Rockworkx and our limited edition 4th of July collection!


Summer show season is here! We wanted to share a few awesome events happening now where our friends and partners will be representing Rockworkx. Although we won't be there in person, feel free to drop...

🐶 Innovation for your furry friend

 There’s no need to carry around a separate leash, or fumble to reattach the leash 

NEW VIDEO ⛰️ Gear straps explained

🎥 Dive into our latest video below where we walk you through the various strap types and offer some handy use cases to help you decide how to best utilize them.

Secure Your Gear with Rockworkx: Exploring Tie Down and Gear Straps

We're pumped to bring you a full lineup of tiedown and gear straps at Rockworkx. Whether you're hauling big gear or tidying up the smaller stuff, our straps are built tough and adaptable to fit...


We've created matching purple gear straps and tiedown straps for our new purple thumbscrews. We're producing them in small batches right here in our Santa Clara facility.Get yours here PINK TIE-DOWN AND GEAR STRAP SETS...

Join the Rockworkx Photo Contest

Winning photos will be shared to the community by email and on our social accounts, and you'll get a $100 Rockworkx voucher!

Your Ultimate Overland Companion: The ROCKWORKX Tow Hitch Multi Tool

Worried about someone stealing your gear off your rig? So are we, so don’t worry, we got you! 


We have completed the initial testing on our cast metal buckles for our tire bags, and the initial tests look good.