4x4 Gear Bags

Multi Use Off-road Tire Bag System. For 4x4 camping and overlanding.


Our patent-pending “Crossover Compression System” for off-road vehicles, 26" to 44" Tires lets you quickly & easily add/ remove multiple bags and accessories to adjust to your offroad needs. 

The Compression system is designed to press the contents of the bag against the tire when in use. This stops any undue rattle & vibration of contents, which causes wear and tear and eventual breakage. Unlike other options on the market, our bag system makes it easy to install and switch out. This also makes for more convenient packing and unpacking. Our bags will not sag, flop, or hang, which ultimately causes destructive vibration when on the trail.

The harness system can be used on 26” to 43 “ tires and can accommodate any mounting system. Once mounted, the harness remains on the vehicle and may be locked. Using the built-in molle system with our custom carabiner slide buckle, an array of wet bags, dry bags, water pouches, and accessories can be quickly attached and detached to the harness system for easy access.        

The Crossover Compression System  “X” Never let's go!

Frequently Asked Questions

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