Grab a pack of 8 silver thumbscrews and get matching Torx T40 bolts. Just need the 2 T40's? We’ve got you covered.


The first pink prototypes have just arrived! We wanted a color that complements current factory pink, as well as vinyl wraps. We've got our favorite, what's yours?

Rockworkx Tow Hitch Step Multi-tool flash sale

Rockworkx Tow Hitch Step Multi-tool flash sale

IT'S TRAIL WEEKEND ⛰️ We're off to the Rubicon Trail

It’s been a little while since we’ve managed to get out on the trail, and since we’re not going to be at Jeep Invasion, we decided to get out on the Rubicon Trail.

⛰️ New Product Shipping Soon

You can also clip one buckle to another, then attach to a single thumbscrew. In addition, we have added an elastic loop at the base of the buckle to tie up excess strap.


There are a lot of outdoor events in the next few weeks, so we wanted to shout out a few of the Rockworkx tribe!

Guess Which Color We're Making Next

Since exact color matching can be difficult we looked for a complimentary color to the tuscadero used on jeeps, and something which will work with vinyl pink wrap too. We've settled on a lively hot...

GET THE COLOR RIGHT 🤪 We're a bit obsessed

CURRENT OBSESSION:COLOR MATCHING! We just received painted JEEP color sample swatches from the team across at Color My Jeep (they do great work with quick turnaround). The color samples will save us a lot of time running...

Expedition Portal Article about Rockworkx Tow Hitch Step Multi-tool

One tool to rule them all? As minimalist overlanders, we are always attracted to gear that is not only compact but also serves many purposes. It seems that it has all been done before, but...