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Rockworks Multi-Tool T7 Full Set! Limited Quantities Now Available!



NOW available in Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Green & Silver! 

The new Rockworkx Tow Hitch Tool is a heavy-duty multi-tool for camping, outdoors, and 4 x 4 off-road applications.  

It is designed to conveniently slide into the  2” tow hitch receiver of any vehicle. When stored and locked in the tow hitch receiver, it functions as a step to help you retrieve items stored in your truck bed or the roof storage of your vehicle.

The Tow Hitch Tool can also be mounted in other locations with the use of a mounting bracket. All the components are high-quality aluminum and stainless steel, which will last a lifetime.

The Rockworkx T7 - Full Spec set tool configuration includes:·       

  • Hardened aluminum sand and snow shovel 
  • Full-size tow hitch step
  • Includes markings for ruler, angle measure & fish ruler
  • Hammer with peg/nail puller 
  • Includes spanner with 12 Standard Imperial & 13 standard Metric
  • Converts to a camp Stool Rake/ camp clearing tool 
  • Pry bar with nail puller
  • Adjustable hoe, trench digger
  • Adze axe
  • Wood axe (Long and short handle)·
  • 3-part telescoping tube