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Tow Hitch Step/ Multi Tool

Posted by GRANT BELL on
Tow Hitch Step/ Multi Tool
We had to make some last-minute modifications to the shovelhead and the axe configuration. After having done a full test run in the Tahoe mountains, and putting it through some heavy testing. We managed to damage the axe joints on 2 of the prototypes. Granted we were chopping through a 15-in stump, really not what these are intended for, but the stump was blocking our path, so what do ya do!

As a result, the axe joint will now be cast in aluminum instead of nylon. We are also now heat-treating the aluminum shovel to make it stronger. Both changes require additional tooling.

We are busy cutting the tools now, and looking to get production started in 3 weeks. As a result, the delivery is delayed a little longer. We want to make sure we get the best possible products in your hands!

As soon as the tooling is done, we will also be creating 4 additional shovel colors, the same colors used on the bolts, as well as an all-silver version of the shovel. So you will have color options to choose from.

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