Secure Your Gear with Rockworkx: Exploring Tie Down and Gear Straps

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Fed up with the constant mess in the back of your rig during off-road trips? No worries! Rockworkx has your back with our range of tie down and gear straps to help you quickly and securely store your gear. Whether you're hauling camping gear, or essential tools, we've got you covered. From short gear straps to multi use molle straps, we have a wide assortment for a range of uses. 

First we have the Rockworkx 1.5 x 87 inch Tie Down Straps

We’ve all been there; geared up for a weekend excursion, and then the annoyance of gear jostling around in the rig during the drive. Enter the Rockworkx 1.5” x 87” Tie Down Straps. These straps are crafted to connect directly to Rockworkx Thumbscrews, and are perfect for strapping down camping essentials like tents, coolers, chairs and much more. Made with ultra-durable, UV, and weather-resistant 1.5” Polypropylene webbing, these straps make sure your gear stays in place regardless of the terrain and can be put to use whether your hard top is on or off. Fully adjustable at 87 inches, they can be secured from the left to the right side of the vehicle or even back to themselves or to Thumbscrews on the same side. Keep your gear securely in place, whether you're navigating rocky trails or cruising down the highway.

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Next is Rockworkx 2-inch Tie Down Strap with 1.5-inch Molle Connector

Heading out for an off-road adventure means packing essentials like recovery gear, spare parts, camping gear, water and jerry cans. With Rockworkx 2-inch Tie Down Strap with 1.5-inch Molle Connector, you can securely lash these bulky items down, and still have additional attachment points for these lighter, easier to reach items like day packs and first aid kits. Featuring extended lengths of 87" of 1.5-inch webbing and 48" of 2-inch Molle webbing, these straps offer versatility and strength. Connect them directly to Rockworkx Thumbscrews for maximum security. With 22 connection points on each strap for quick links and carabiner attachment, customize how you store your gear. From attaching hammocks to securing fishing gear, these straps have endless possibilities for organizing your equipment.

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molle full trunk
molle flat lay
molle trunk
tiedown hammocks


Rockworkx 20" Gear Straps (Single Sided)

When it comes to organizing smaller gear, Rockworkx 20" Gear Straps are your go-to solution. Perfect for storing items like jumper cables, tow straps, and medical kits, these straps ensure your essentials are easily accessible. Designed to work directly with Rockworkx Thumbscrews, these gear straps offer customizable usage options. Made in the USA with heavy-duty 1.5" polypropylene webbing and cast metal buckles, they are built to last through any adventure. Use these straps on their own or in combination with other strap combos to store smaller items like tree savers and air lines. Keep your gear neatly organized and readily accessible for your next adventure.

gear straps
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Rockworkx 20" Bronco 4 Door Rear D-Pillar Strap with Thumbscrew

For Bronco 4 door owners, Rockworkx offers specialized gear straps tailored to your rig's needs. These straps come with an included M8 1.25 Thumbscrew for the rear D-Pillar, making for easy installation. Whether you're organizing tools or securing equipment, these gear straps are up to the task. With 4 mounting point options on either side of your Bronco 4 door, utilize these straps to securely attach additional items directly to 1.5” molle systems. Keep your gear secure and easily reachable for your off-road adventures.

d pillar strap
d pillar strap


1.5” webbing buckle/ strap

Our 1.5” webbing buckle is here to make life easier, connecting extra items to your 1.5” molle system. Designed for seamless attachment to the molle straps, tire harnesses, and coming soon; our new cargo net for Jeeps and Broncos. 

webbing buckle

We're pumped to bring you a full lineup of tiedown and gear straps at Rockworkx. Whether you're hauling big gear or tidying up the smaller stuff, our straps are built tough and adaptable to fit your needs. No more gear bouncing around - it's time for smooth, organized adventures with Rockworkx straps!

Full instructional video is available now on YouTube HERE! 


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