GET THE COLOR RIGHT 🤪 We're a bit obsessed

GET THE COLOR RIGHT 🤪 We're a bit obsessed
We just received painted JEEP color sample swatches from the team across at Color My Jeep (they do great work with quick turnaround). The color samples will save us a lot of time running around to dealers, trying to find actual Jeeps to color match. Especially those harder to find colors!

Here’s the challenge:
Our thumbscrews are anodized (this impregnates the color into the metal making it extremely resilient) but this also means it’s difficult to match colors which are painted.

We either work super hard to find an exact match, or we develop complementary tones, as you can see with the blue thumbscrews, working so well with the Electric Blue, Cosmos and Chief.

JEEP 392

We recently had a chance to test our copper thumbscrews on a Jeep JL 392 and we’re feeling very proud of ourselves. Checkout the color match on the details inside and out of the vehicle.


We’re creating a blog post with details of all color tests to help you match thumbscrews with your rig as accurately as possible. There will also be inspirational pics showing other interesting color combos. We’ll send out an email when it’s ready!

Want to be featured? Send us your photos!